Here is our oldest ever Rottweiler Tara on her eleventh birthday recently. She is on the far right of the photo with some of her mates who came to her pool-party! They are Sid, Jana, Buddy, George, Bruno, Hudson, Rory and Bella. Good to see that Jayne had them all under control as usual! We[…]

Which Magazine, Dog Food Review

I was very interested to see that Which Magazine’s canine nutrition ‘expert’ was conducting a review of the ‘top’ dog foods in this month’s issue. Great, I thought. This should make for interesting reading. Entitled, Is Pricey Pet Food Worth the Money, Siobhan Chan was supposedly investigating the top brands of dog and cat food,[…]

Paediatric Neutering

I was visiting a behavioural client yesterday, who was experiencing some dog aggression and general delinquent behaviour with her four-year-old Labradoodle. This boy was indeed behaving badly and displaying all the hallmarks of dominance and frustration aggression, rather than the more common fear-related dog aggression. As with all my clients, I asked the owner if[…]


I guess many of you must watch this programme, where the amazing Noel Fitzpatrick performs surgery on many dogs with extremely serious problems, where perhaps owners may otherwise have had to have their dogs put to sleep. Noel’s dedication to his work is matched by the various owners dedication to their dogs, where many are[…]