I read that for the first time in many years, dogs have overtaken cats as the most popular pet in the UK.

 Apparently there are 8.9 million dogs compared to 7.9 million cats. Of very real concern is the continued growth in popularity of the smaller, breeds such as the Chihuahua and Pug – a subject I blogged about at least three years ago.

We are told that there are more and more of these dogs ending up in Welfare, as their often frivolous young owners decide they don’t want their ‘handbag dog’ anymore. Also of concern are the number of them being imported from Europe, some legally but many are smuggled in with fake paperwork by unscrupulous breeders. Legally, dogs have to be 15 weeks old before they can be imported but many are coming in much younger than that.

The 15 week rule is another reason I would not consider bringing in a dog from abroad without specialist knowledge. I have written before about the need to get young puppies into their new homes by 8 weeks of age, 10 weeks at the latest, in order to avoid potential behavioural issues later.

In these days where everything is available online, puppies are acquired often with little or no research into the breeder’s background and experience. I would strongly urge that puppy buyers buy from KC registered breeders when buying pedigree breeds. However the KC is no help when one is buying a Labradoodle for instance as they are not a recognised breed, so buyers need to be certain where the puppy has come from.

Ask plenty of questions when you first make enquiries and if you do decide to view the puppies, ENSURE that you see the mother.

Don’t accept any excuses as to why you can’t see her. You could be buying a puppy with a nervous or aggressive mother, which of course would be traits that would be highly likely to be passed on to the puppies. Or you could be buying a puppy which has been illegally imported.

NEVER feel sorry for puppies where you are in doubt about their origins, or where they are in terrible conditions. Just walk away and find a breeder who does things properly.

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