I guess many of you must watch this programme, where the amazing Noel Fitzpatrick performs surgery on many dogs with extremely serious problems, where perhaps owners may otherwise have had to have their dogs put to sleep.

Noel’s dedication to his work is matched by the various owners dedication to their dogs, where many are surely not covered by their insurance and face huge costs for saving their beloved dog.

Last night, I watched with much amazement as he treated the spinal injuries of Elvis, the Rottweiler puppy who had been rescued by amazingly dedicated Rottweiler owners, Simon and Jane after he had been found dumped in the street. He had a fractured jaw and eye socket, but
also had a serious and potentially life-threatening spinal injury, which presented a huge challenge to Noel’s expertise.

After two operations, Elvis appears to be well and truly on the mend and can count himself very lucky to have been rescued by such caring owners, as well as finding himself in Noel’s surgery.

It seems virtually certain that poor Elvis had sustained his injuries due to catastrophic ill-treatment by a ‘human-being’. Whilst it truly beggars belief that people can treat man’s best friend in this way, it is even more amazing that the victims of such barbaric treatment can retain their trust in humans.

Elvis was a wonderful advert for this often maligned breed in the stoical and courageous manner in which he faced up to adversity at such a young age and it was fantastic to see how loving and affectionate he was, not only towards his new owners but also to the staff at the veterinary surgery. Inspirational stuff all round. Let’s hope he makes a full recovery and that the person responsible for his injuries gets his come-uppance at some stage.


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