Amanda and Phil contacted me re their young GSD Alfie’s unacceptable behaviour in
ALFIEthe home. His jumping up had become a problem and the marks on Amanda’s hands and arms gave a clear illustration of how bad it was.

He was also in the habit of pinning the two family cats to the floor in an aggressive manner.

On assessing Alfie, it was clear that here was a highly ranked young male who considered himself above the family members even at this early age.

He had been sleeping in the owners bedroom, never a great idea in my opinion, but even less so when the dog is showing dominance tendencies as Alfie was. This was a dog well on his way to dominance behaviour and they had contacted me in the nick of time.
I gave Amanda and Phil clear instructions on becoming the pack leaders in their own home, as leadership issues are generally at the root of most canine behavioural problems. Interruption methods were demonstrated and they were also instructed on improving his heel-work outside the home.

After a couple of days, the improvements in Alfie were significant and a delighted Amanda had this to say:-

Many thanks for the action plan and your help with Alfie.
He is like a different dog already. He has been a little noisy at night since we removed him from our bedroom, but it is slowly improving. His behaviour in the house is 100% better.

The jumping up has stopped, even with visitors and so has the mouthing. He has only made one attempt to mouth my arm since your visit and I was able to stop that immediately.

My arms look much better already! In the past when we let him out in the garden, it could be a major problem getting him to come back in again, but strangely enough he has been coming back in each time I have called him, which is a first!!! The method you showed us to stop him bullying the cats has also worked and he just looks at them now.

Thank you so much, we are very pleased with Alfie and us! You certainly are a dog whisperer!”