Jackie sought my help with Alfie, who she had recently acquired via a major rescue agency.
ALFIEFrom the outset, she had concerns about the way he would snap at other dogs he would meet whilst out on his walks.
This was spoiling her enjoyment of her dog and she needed urgent help.

Alfie’s previous owners had given him up, along with their other 40, yes 40 dogs as they had been unable to cope.

On assessment, it was apparent that Alfie had a very affectionate nature to humans, but an apparent lack of canine socializing, other than his own very large pack had left him unable to interact with other dogs.

Alfie was introduced initially to Tara and Robynne my two Rottweiler bitches. He went through his snapping ritual which was interrupted and he soon calmed down.

He then spent some time with Robynne off-lead and learned to play. A second session saw this play increased with the addition of my male Rottweiler Callum and then Alfie was introduced to other dogs in a very busy dog-walking area.

Jackie, his owner was shown how to be his pack-leader giving him positive leadership and his problem was virtually solved. It now remains for Jackie to continue his socialization to complete his rehabilitation to balanced canine.

I was stunned in theŸ improvement in Alfie after just one lesson.
You showed me how to relax which passed down the lead to Alfie and it was fantastic to see him playing with your dogs. I never could have imagined him running around the field with three Rottweilers!
Since then, Alfie has been playing with lots of other dogs in the park near our home and everything is going fine. I never thought this would be possible. Thankyou so much.”