Debbie and Russell’s problems with Arnie aged 2, came to a head when they purchased another Staffie puppy.

Arnie had always been over boisterous, lots of jumping up etc and had always slept in their bedroom,
mostly on their bed!

When the new puppy, came along they decided that the time was right for both dogs to sleep in the kitchen at night.

Then began a nightly ritual of noisy whining and howling which kept them awake for hours on end at
No, it wasn’t the new puppy creating all this commotion, it was Arnie.
I attended and gave them a new programme designed to improve their leadership of their dogs and demonstrated some classic interruption techniques to stop the boisterousness and night-time noise.

All seems to be going great so far!

We couldn’t believe the change in Arnie’s behaviour when you came.
That is the calmest we have ever seen him. We followed your advice to the letter and had our first decent night’s sleep in weeks!

Arnie never made a sound all night, except when our baby started crying which woke him up.
A quick repeat of the technique you had shown us, made him quiet again immediately. He is much calmer and doesn’t do his whirlwind impression around the room anymore.
We will be keeping up the programme you gave us, it has made such an immediate difference.”