CasperPeter and Sue rang me in desparation about their dogs constant barking.

This would occur for up to four hours a day continuously when they were at home. Strangely, there was no suggestion that he barked when they were out.

He would bark continuously and only stop when he was physically and mentally exhausted. They lived in a rural property adjacent to farmland and he would bark at farm vehicles, work traffic, builders, etc and his worst behaviour would be when the local shoot were working the land opposite.

This behaviour had been going on for four years and they were at their wits end, hence their call to me.

I attended and demonstrated the methods needed for them to show their dog strong, positive leadership and I saw an immediate change in Casper, but I wondered if this might be a longer job than normal!

The following day, a delighed Sue rang me with excellent news on Casper’s progress.

Peter, you are a magical man!! This has been an amazing result.
After 4 years of constant noise this has been the quietest and most relaxing day we have had. It has been totally stress free and I feel so much better and more confident. He has been quiet all day despite lots of activity outside and I just cannot get over the change you have made in just one visit. Thank you so much for all your help.” Sue.

After a further month had passed, I called in to see them and was delighted to hear that Casper had continued his amazing rehabilitation, with no further problem barking. A truly great result for all concerned as Peter confirmed.

“Ever since that first day, there has been no further barking from Casper.

Of course he will bark when someone knocks at the door, but the continuous barking when vehicles go past or when the shooting is taking place on the land adjacent to our property, is now a thing of the past. Every day has been relaxing and peaceful and he is now a total pleasure to own. You have turned him into a wonderful dog to own.

I would recommend you to anyone with a problem dog.” Peter.