Andrew and Natalia rang me about the ongoing issues with their year-old Mastiff bitch, Coco. Her behaviour at home had become increasingly difficult following her being spayed and she had shown aggression towards their old Boxer male, Scooby.

Natalia had been bitten whilst trying to seperate them during one of their arguements and Coco had also snapped at the occasional visitor. She had also snapped at a young child whilst being walked, thankfully without making any contact.

Andrew and Natalia had sought veterinary behavioural advice from an ‘expert’ who supplied them with a course of tablets at great expense, which had made no difference and then suggested they have her put to sleep – all without ever seeing the dog in the flesh!
(This sort of ‘professional’ makes my blood boil).

On assessing Coco, it was clear that she was a large, somewhat overbearing young dog of generally good nature. Unfortunately, Andrew and Natalia had made basic errors in her formative months which had nurtured her dominance, such as allowing her to elevate herself above them, physically and psychologically.

She was allowed on the furniture, allowed on their bed and could be very demanding of attention. During her assessment, I saw nothing which even remotely warranted giving advice to have her put to sleep and gave them a detailed action plan to resolve the issues. Time was of the essence as Natalia was a month away from having their first baby, so the balance of order needed to be in place before then.

We just wanted to say what a difference there has been since your visit, its unbelievable really. Coco has stopped jumping up to visitors and is much more responsive to what we are telling her.
We have followed your instructions so that we can become the pack leaders and it is obviously working. Her recall has improved straight away and she is just so much calmer in the house.

We really can’t thank you enough for what you have done. We will carry on with the programme and we would like you to come and visit us again after the baby has been born.”

Natalia and