Dennis and CharlieIta rang with concerns over the fact that her two dogs , even at the age of 2, would still frequently urinate in the house.

This was becoming a nightmare with constant cleaning of bedding, fouling of furniture etc.

Both dogs would often soil their own beds, which is unusual in itself and Ita had even resorted to using canine nappies on the dogs.

One of the dogs would also act aggressively to the family cat who was understandably nervous and the whole problem in my opinion revolved around a distinct lack of leadership in the home.

Ita and her husband were given detailed guidance on how to be strong pack leaders of these little dogs and there were immediate improvements.

After several days, Ita was able to report a marked decrease in the urinating in the house, there only being two instances of it in almost a week. In the past, this was a constant, several times a day problem. Charlie’s behaviour towards the cat was much improved and the use of an appropriate interruption technique was having very positive effects.

“There has only been a couple of puddles in the house since you came here and Charlie is much better around the cat now. We have stopped her fixating like she was and I feel so much more confident now. Thank you so much for all your help Peter.

I will be contacting you soon to arrange some outdoor training for the dogs” Ita.