Wendy and her partner Lisa contacted me about their rather chaotic home lifestyle with their CASEY AND DJ two Yorkies and their rescue Greyhound Beckie.

In the last few months, Casey and DJ had become more and more hyper active in the home and would get aggressive towards each other at certain times.

This would often arise at feeding time and also when on their owners laps in front of the tv! Their heelwork was poor and their owners wouldn’t let them off-lead as they feared they wouldn’t come back to them.

On assessing the dogs, it was obvious that Wendy and Lisa adored them but were making some mistakes which had led to the dogs being in charge.

A straightforward action plan was devised to put Wendy and Lisa clearly in charge and to ensure that these two very cute dogs only got their rewards affection and treats when they earned them.

Both dogs were allowed on the furniture and slept on the owners bed, which on previous occasions with
other dogs, I have felt was a major cause of the problem. However, if owners strongly feel that they wish this to remain the case, then I always say fine, but make it by invitation not a right, particularly where the dogs arent showing dominance to the owners. Both of these pint-sized dogs were lead-pullers and a short lesson in heel-work had Wendy and Lisa walking them both respectably to heel in no time.

Feeding time which had previously become a war-zone leading to the dogs all being fed in separate rooms was brought back to normal by some calm assertive human leadership, without so much as a grumble from
either dog. Casey and DJ now eat in the kitchen together without a problem.

Beckie, by the way, remained asleep throughout most of the assessment and is the least of Wendy and Lisa’s problems!

“Since you came here three weeks ago, the aggression issues have virtually ended.
They eat together all the time now and we have moved their bowls closer together. We did have a little issue the other evening when they were on our laps, but I think that was something we got wrong. They are getting along together much better than they were before, we just didn’t know how to sort the issues out until you showed us.”