Adrian rang me as a final resort following his 8 year old Briard bitches latest biting

GUCCIincident. In her life she had bitten many times (usually strangers).

These bites were nearly always fairly insignificant nips with minor injuries, but nevertheless her score had been clocking up over the years and she was well into double figures.

The latest incident was a little more significant and Adrian felt something really had to be done.

On attending to assess her, it quickly became apparent that this dog had not been adequately socialized in her early years.

The family lived on a fairly remote property and the bites usually occurred when a stranger approached the property and was unfortunate enough for Gucci to be outside.

Clearly, there were obvious responsible management issues but also the family needed to show leadership to Gucci if she was to grow old gracefully. At 8 years of age, this wouldn’t be an easy task but the family were keen to follow my instructions to the letter and early results are very encouraging.

I am absolutely amazed at how wrong we were about our dog. We thought we were leading her and had no idea that she was leading us. We are trying to follow your instructions to the letter – it’s pretty labour intensive, but the rewards are a dog that is becoming sociable and so much more fun to take out.

We are teaching her that WE are the boss and leader of the
pack and the result is quite REMARKABLE. When we can also get her to
drop into the down at distance, then I will be so very happy. What’s
more to the point is that NO ONE should ever have a dog without having
lessons in how to control them!!! Best wishes”,