Tracey contacted me to see if anything could be done about Harley’s aggression towards other
HARLEY dogs.
This had escalated to such an extent that he had hardly been out for the last year.

Not suprisingly, he could be very hyper-active in the home and he had a narrow escape when he once jumped out of a second floor window onto the drive below, fortunately suffering barely a scratch.

Tracey was given a detailed action plan and was shown how to block his unruly behaviour in the home.

She understood that this was a dog who needed regular exercise of two 45 minute sessions a day ideally.

Harley demonstrated his aggression by attempting to attack Robynne one of my friendly Rottweilers.
However, following some well-timed interruption, this behaviour ceased and the two dogs were very quickly off-lead in the back garden of Tracey’s home.

Tracey and her husband have made a determined effort to put things right with Harley.
They have commenced a regular exercise programme with him and his behaviour in the home has improved dramatically.

On a second outdoor session, Harley socialized with all of my Rottweilers without any incident whatsoever and looked over-joyed to be running loose. He interacted with other dogs without any problem whatsoever, and whilst this is still early-days, Tracey can look forward to more positive times with Harley.
“Harley is much better at home since your visit. He settles much more quickly and all that pacing around the room during the evening has virtually stopped. The jumping up at the window has also drastically reduced and he is just so much calmer. Today when you let him off the lead with your Rottweilers, my heart was in my mouth but it was fantastic to see him enjoying himself.
I spent the whole of this morning worrying about todays session, but I needn’t have. Me and my husband are determined to give Harley a better life and will make sacrifices to do it. I feel much more confident after seeing him out running and enjoying himself again.” Tracey.