Margaret contacted me following a horrendous visit to the vets with Jenny her 8 year old Sheltie, who had gone ballistic at some other dogs in the surgery, during which Margaret had been bitten by her own

She had owned Jenny from a puppy and the early signs had not been good. She had been the most shy of the litter which is never a good sign.

Fear of other dogs had started at an early stage on her walks and this had become progressively worse over the years. So much so, that Margaret had not taken her out for the last four years!

Margaret had been physically unable to cope with her behaviour and had decided to exercise her in her garden with her other Sheltie.

On assessing Jenny, it was clear that she and Margaret doted on each other. In some ways Margaret demonstrated good leadership of her dogs and in other ways not so good. I demonstrated to Margaret that Jenny could be walked with another dog, by taking her out with Robynne one of my Rottweilers.

Initially, Jenny went into orbit in her usual manner, but this was quickly stopped by appropriate interruption techniques and the two dogs then walked side by side and occasionally sniffed each other in
the classic dog-socializing manner.

This was a good start, but there was more work to do. Jenny has hardly been walked by her owner for 4
years. Progress may take time but I am confident she can be helped, even after all these years. A further session with Callum one of my Rottweiler males and also a Jack Russell gave great results and by the end of the session Jenny was walking side by side with a Staffie owned by a total stranger. This was a great
result and gives good reason for optimism for the future.

Things are going great so far. I have followed your instructions to the letter at home and already Jenny is becoming less demanding. When we went outside with your dog, I was dry-mouthed with apprehension and gob-smacked with what followed.
It’s a horrible expression I know, but it encapsulates exactly how I felt when I saw her walking with your dog without aggression. I would never have believed it was possible. Todays second lesson was even more encouraging. To see Jenny out in public, walking with several different dogs was a great boost to my confidence. I have been dreaming of this happening but had given up hope really. Thankyou so much.” Margaret.


“I feel totally elated after today. We had real hopes after the first lesson, but today was just unbelieveable. We now feel so much more confident and we will continue with the programme you have given us. Totally amazing.” Sarah (Margaret’s daughter).