Sue and Mark rang me to see if I could help with their 4-year old Rottweiler’s aggression to other male dogs.

In many respects he was a great dog to own, good with people and fairly obedient.

He had passed his Silver and Bronze Good Citizen awards of which they were rightly proud. However, whenever another male of any breed, looked at him in the wrong way, sparks would usually fly and Sue had been pulled over in the street on at least one occasion.

Tom is a top-sized Rottweiler male in the old style and control is clearly essential with such a dog.

I attended their home, above the public house they run. Some obvious issues within the home were dealt with immediately and an action plan was devised to give full leadership to Sue and Mark. They generally had good control over him, but the issue with other dogs had to be dealt with. As we know, if a Rottweiler is involved in a problem he will always get the blame even if the other dog is at fault.

A previous trainer had advised Sue and Mark to have Tom castrated and Mark was completely against this. He was therefore pleased when he discovered that as a behaviourist, I have made no secret of the fact that in my opinion,this is generally a pointless procedure when dealing with male canine aggression, because it rarely works. With many vets this is the first resort, when in actual fact I believe it should be the last resort.

The action plan was implemented immediately, and ten minutes later Tom was walking down the street with my 4 year old Rottweiler male Callum at his side. Male Rottweilers who are strangers to each other will often shall we say, not take to each other so this was a good start with both dogs respecting each others presence and a good basis to go forward on.

A further session saw Tom and Callum off-lead together without any sparks at all. I know a few Rottweiler owners who can’t trust their own two males together, let alone two strangers, so this was a great result. Two dominant males showing total respect to each other. Fantastic!

A further session had Tom running around in total play mode with Robynne another of my Rotts, plus behaving impeccably on lead despite various other dogs approaching, sometimes in a provocative manner.

Sue, who walks Tom most of the time is a determined lady with total committment and it certainly showed in the results achieved with this very powerful dog in double quick time. Lets hope Tom goes on to achieve his Gold award in the near future. “I could barely believe my eyes. To see Tom walking beside another male, let alone a male Rottweiler was absolutely amazing and I would never have thought it could happen so quickly.

Tom had developed aggression with male dogs and due to his size had managed to pull me to the ground on a couple of occasions. We had previously tried some techniques we had read about or seen on tv with some small success and a previous aggression specialist had advised castration for Tom, but Mark was adamant that would not happen.

Then I found your website which described exactly the person we were looking for to help us. We knew you would understand the breed and not be afraid of him, as unfortunately some trainers and vets are. Toms first meeting with Callum was fantastic. Tom growled and pulled and Callum just looked at him with a bored look on his face.

I was amazed that after about 10 minutes we were walking down the road together, at one stage right next to each other very calm and collected. Of course, Tom also fell in love with Robynne, she is very beautiful and wanted to play with him.

The off lead walks with both your dogs went very well and gave me the confidence I had lost.

The training lessons gave me the confidence I needed to tackle Toms problem because you helped me to identify problem situations and how to deal with them. Tom quickly calmed down and after three weeks training we can walk past 99% of dogs without any problem.

Thank you for all your help.” Sue.