Richard and Sarah of Crediton in Devon, rang me about the problems
they were experiencing with their two Dobermann bitches, Amber & Ebony.

Amber had dog aggression issues and could be very hostile to strange dogs and whilst Ebony didn’t have those issues, there were status issues between the two dogs which were causing some problems in the home.

Amber could show animosity to Ebony who was a bit of a whiner if Richard and Sarah separated the two of them.

Both dogs were also prolific barkers when anyone walked past the front window of their home.

As a dog trainer and behaviourist, dog aggression is one of the main behaviour issues I deal with.

Richard and Sarah had consulted a dog trainer with their two dogs in the past, but there had been little or no improvement in their dogs behaviour.

An assessment followed by a short programme of environmental dog training sessions, soon had both dogs on the mend. Ambers dog aggression problems are now a thing of the past and the status problems between the two dogs have been resolved.

Richard and Sarah were given a leadership programme to follow which amongst other things entailed positive reinforcement of Amber’s status as number one dog, but also ensuring that the human beings in the house were the overall leaders.

Here’s what they had to say about the results we achieved in a matter of weeks.


We called Peter of Ashclyst Dog Training Exeter, because we needed help with our 3 year old Dobermann Amber. We’ve had her since a pup and she always used to be sociable with other dogs until we got her spayed. After that she disliked other dogs who paid her attention in any way.

Amber would react badly very quickly to any dogs which invaded her space, barking loudly towards them. She would look ferocious, but she never actually bit another dog. Nevertheless it was very embarrassing and the other dog owners were often very worried. We soon became the dog owners who others sought to avoid.

Peter got Amber to demonstrate her behaviour and he soon established that her aggression was due to frustration and fear. He helped us understand Amber who needed us to be better leaders, protect her and be in charge of our own pack or family. We soon felt totally equipped to deal with Amber’s problems and help her on the road to recovery.

She is now much more relaxed when we are out with her and when she is off-lead her response to dogs approaching is much more low-key and certainly not aggressive.

We also have a younger Doberman, Ebony who wasn’t getting on too well with Amber. Although they weren’t fighting, there was a power struggle. Peter explained that this was due to the hierarchy we had in place – there was confusion as to who was the boss and we were interfering in the natural order of things. On Peter’s advice we let Amber be the boss of the two dogs as she was naturally the more dominant of the two, whilst remembering that we had to be the overall leaders.

The behaviour of the two dogs has been transformed and there are now no issues between them.

We totally recommend Peter of Ashclyst dog training if you have a problem dog.”

Richard and Sarah.