Off to Daventry in the Midlands in response to a call from Anna about her 5 year old male Rottweilers over the top behaviour towards her and to other dogs.

Anna has owned Baileys litter sister since a puppy, but had only owned Bailey since he was 3.

Anna was Bailey’s 6TH OWNER, so it was clear that others had given up on him where she wasn’t prepared to.

Bailey would lunge aggressively at other dogs and Anna had some difficulty in controlling him. He was of course never allowed off the lead and was also hard work to live with, due to his extremely boisterous behavour and dominant mouthing.

A session with Robynne and Tara, my trusty stooge Rottweilers showed Anna that Bailey could be trusted around other dogs using strong leadership.

Anna and her partner were also shown how Bailey should be socialized in the village and he was in fact exercised off lead on the local green with great results. So rewarding to help one of our wonderful breed who perhaps was unlucky not to have had such a committed owner earlier in his life.

Anna was delighted with the results as she states in her email several weeks later:-

“Just thought I would give you a quick update on the dogs. All is going well with Bailey, we are having much more relaxed walks! Your methods work a treat if we see other dogs and he now very rarely reacts (other than looking at them).

If he does start to react, a slight interruption from me is all it takes for him to respond positively, although I don’t
remember the last time I had to do so. He is also much more confident
walking past houses with ‘scary’ dogs and no longer tries to drag me past.
Both Ellie and Bailey are having more frequent walks to the park now I feel
I have more control over them and they respond almost instantly to the down
at distance. They are also much more relaxed in the house. Once again, many
thanks Anna”