BenAnthony and Helen contacted me in desperation about their 2yr old Springer Spaniel’s aggression issues with other dogs.

Ben had previously bitten a Staffie, holding it by the neck and causing puncture wounds in what you might think was a role reversal, which just shows that it’s not always the dogs with the reputation who cause the problems!!

Ben’s aggression had first come to the fore at dog training classes when he was about 7 months old and had not improved at all following his castration (I’m afraid it hardly ever does, no matter what some vets, breeders and trainers might say).

Anthony and Helen’s desperation had grown because they had been seeing another behaviourist for the best part of a year with little or no improvement in their dogs behaviour. Indeed, they had been told that they should not be taking the dog out in public and if they absolutely had to, he should be wearing a muzzle. Now, I hesitate to question advice given by a fellow professional but something is going wrong when dogs and owners are having multiple sessions with trainers over a long period of time, with no visible signs of improvement.

On attending their home near Bristol, following my assessment we introduced Ben to one of my dogs and having assessed him, I was confident that we could do so without the need for him to wear a muzzle. This dog needed strong leadership with any tendency towards aggression to be rapidly interrupted before it could even start. This was what we did, and of course he did not let us down.

There were no signs of aggression from him either towards Robynne or another dog we encountered on our practical session. There followed three more environmental sessions for Ben, who did not put a foot wrong on either occasion despite being exposed to many dogs during those sessions, which were all conducted in heavily frequented dog-walking areas.

Anthony and Helen were absolute star pupils, putting in a major effort both during their sessions and in the periods between despite having other dogs to exercise too. In the three months since our work together, Ben has had just one minor blip when a dog attacked him, having jumped out of bushes. The rest has been fairly plain sailing for his delighted owners.

"Just when we thought we had reached Ben’s behavioural limitations, someone suggested we consult an alternative behaviourist. We had been seeing our behaviourist for over a year and we were feeling that we were getting nowhere.

Then you were recommended to us and having heard about some of the cases you had dealt with, we thought you might be able to help us. And oh boy, are we glad we contacted you. In just a few weeks, we gained the confidence to be out in public with Ben, no muzzle on and not panicking each time a dog came near him. We now realize that it was not just Ben that needed the training, but us too!
We are now enjoying taking Ben out for his walks and he is a very happy dog when we do this.

Thanks to you Peter, we now have the dog that we thought we
were getting when he was a puppy. We will definitely recommend your services
to anyone with similar problems. Contacting you and using your behavioural
services has made life with Ben a whole lot better". Anthony and Helen.