Sara of Weston Super Mare in Somerset, rang me for help with her two dogs Bert and Tosca.

Tosca the Staffie had been pretty well behaved until the arrival of Bert the fiery Patterdale.

Bert had developed dog aggression issues whilst out on their walks and both dogs were very hyper active in the home.

Many owners think that it’s a good thing to have a second dog to keep their first dog company and it can be. However, many owners make the mistake of allowing the two dogs to be the primary source of entertainment for each other and this can be the beginning of serious behaviour issues.
The primary role of the human in any dog owning family, has to be that of leader of the dogs – setting rules and boundaries for them to adhere to. Just like a good parent does with their children really.

When I called at Sara’s home, I was astounded at the level of noise and boisterous behaviour from both dogs which had become normality for Sara. There was a constant cacophony of barking and play-fighting, jumping on and off furniture, ragging of bedding etc etc.

The problem for Sara was that this had become the norm and she had no idea how to change it. What she didn’t realise at the time, was that the behaviour in the home was having a direct effect on Bert’s behaviour towards other dogs whilst out on his walks.

This was a dog that could practice his aggression techniques on Tosca in their constant rough play and then put them into practice in the real world when out on walks.

Like many owners of aggressive dogs, Sara had received her fair share of abuse from annoyed dog walkers and had consulted other dog trainers and behaviourists without much success and she was running out of solutions to her problems.

Sara needed to completely change her regime in the home if she was to have any hope of solving the problems outside it and after only a few sessions, we now have two completely different dogs as she commented in her email to me



I had tried several behaviourists and dog trainers, most results lasted about a week. I was getting to the point where I really didn’t know what to do as Bert was attacking dogs completely randomly and Tosca would then back him up.

Having both of them on a lead together was quite frightening as they would both lunge, bark and bare their teeth at any approaching dogs. In the house was also a nightmare! Everytime the door went, all hell was let loose!

After my first session with Peter of Ashclyst dog training Devon, I noticed an immediate difference in both dogs. We have done further sessions with Peter and Bert can now be off lead on 99% of walks and because he is much calmer, so is Tosca. Things in the house are back to being calm and quiet as well and both dogs are now a real pleasure to be with, both in and out of the house.“ Sara