Abby contacted me in an emotional email telling me that I was the last chance for Boo, her Cairn Terrier cross. He was seriously aggressive towards other dogs and previous behaviourists and trainers had drawn a blank with him.

BooOne trainer had used very physical methods with him to no avail and the other had been strong on theory but not offered much in practical terms.

Boo was acquiring an ever deteriorating reputation amongst other dog walkers in this North Devon coastal town and Abby was at her wits end.

She had started to think the unthinkable – Boo might have to be re-homed if things couldn’t be improved significantly.

No pressure then!!

On attending their home there were obvious mistakes being made.

This little dog was behaving like a whilrwind in the home, jumping on and off furniture and jumping up at people.

Initial assessment included some work with Robynne and Callum two of my Rottweilers and his early aggression was reduced very quickly.

A further environmental session with husband Tim was very successful and no further problems have been experienced.

I contacted Tim almost four months later to see if the improvements had been maintained.

“Boo is a much happier dog since you came to help us.
He is much calmer in the house and there is now no aggression to other dogs on or off lead. We go down to the beach most nights now, whereas before we could hardly take him out.

He now plays off lead with other dogs and will come back when called which he certainly wouldn’t do before.

He looks forward to his walks and is now a happy dog. He still sometimes pulls on the lead a bit, but the main issue was the aggression which through your expertise has been dealt with.

We had a problem dog before and now we have a dog we can take out as a family which is what it’s all about. Abby and me are very happy with the service you provided.