This 3 year old bundle of fur had turned into a pocket dynamite who was causing his owner Julia severe stress with his rapidly deteriorating behaviour towards other dogs. He had been fine up to the age of 2, but had started to display nervous aggression with more and more frequency
Boosince then.

This seemed to have been triggered by some major changes in their lives.

Julia was no longer enjoying their walks and in fact was doing everything she could to avoid other dogs, so in a way both of them were displaying dog phobia.

Boo was also quite a problem in the house, with lots of barking and hyperactive behaviour.

During my initial assessment of Boo it became clear that Julia needed to change many of the things she was doing in her home before she even ventured outside with him, so as to demonstrate strong leadership over her dog.

No matter how small or large the dog is, the owner MUST be the pack leader to ensure calm, responsive behaviour. As with all clients, she needed to understand more about dog psychology in order to help her to achieve this.

Boo also met Robynne my Rottweiler stooge dog in order that I could see the severity of his behaviour first-hand. Needless to say, as usual Robynne was able to convince Boo that playing was far more enjoyable than fighting and immediate improvements were made.

Over the next few weeks, Boo’s behaviour rapidly improved and Julia can now take him out on her walks without all the consternation of the past year or so. Julia has become more of a dog whisperer than a dog listener, dealing with her previously demanding dog in a calm, positive way and the results have been great.

Here’s what she had to say, a few weeks after my dog behaviour work with her.

“We have just had a very good week in Wiltshire with my relatives. Boo continues to improve every day! He responds to all my commands and walks past other dogs without showing aggression anymore. I can’t tell you the difference the training has made. I would not have believed he could change so much in such a short time! All his aggression seems to have gone and he seems much more relaxed.

Thank you SO much for your help.
I now have a lovely well behaved dog, who no longer rules the house!
I will keep you informed of his progress. I am sure it will all be good news!” JULIA.