BootsRichard and Julie rang in desperation at their 6-year-old Labrador Boots’ behaviour. He had been a great dog in all respects until about 18months before when following an incident with another dog in the village, his behaviour had rapidly escalated to the top end of the canine aggression scale.

He had also had a recent cruciate ligament injury and it is surprising how often major physical traumas can have a severely adverse affect on a dogs behaviour.

Boots was becoming a well-known character in his village, but for all the wrong reasons!

Matters came to a head when he pulled Richard over in the street and broke his halti-collar to get at a Belgian Shepherd, which he bit.

On attending their home to carry out my assessment, it was immediately apparent that Richard and Julie’s confidence was at a very low ebb and this needed to be addressed just as much as Boots behaviour, as these issues were inextricably linked.

Two of my Rottweilers, were involved in the session and indeed Boots very much lived down to his owners expectations at first.

His aggression directed at Robynne in the first instance was severe but Robynne, as is her way, was having none of it and in her own, full-on style she assisted me in making sure that Boots realised that his behaviour was unacceptable.

Very rapidly, Boots was returned to a normal level of acceptable behaviour and then two of my dogs played with him in his own garden, with Robynne showing her fantastic trait of canine forgiveness despite Boots’ appalling behaviour a few minutes before.

The purpose of these ‘stooge’ sessions is to show owners that early changes in their dogs behaviour can be made and this is a massive boost to shattered confidence.

There followed some intensive work in various dog-walking areas resulting in Boots returning to the standard of behaviour that Richard and Julie had previously had before his dramatic change the previous year, as they testify here:-


"We were very impressed by your professional, calm approach to tackling our dog’s aggression problem towards other dogs. We had resorted to walking Boots in a muzzle after numerous awful experiences and were terrified of what could happen. Your confidence that he could be rehabilitated was such a relief.

You trained both us and the dog and used your impressively unfazed Rottweilers to resocialize Boots. This practical approach – actually recreating the environment in which he had displayed this behaviour and then using harmless but effective techniques to interrupt it -was a stark and welcome contrast to previous theory-based trainers we had used.

In a matter of weeks Boots was transformed from the unhappy, fearful and muzzled dog back to the sociable, happy chap that we had known. And we have learnt so much about dog behaviour in that time. These are lessons that have also led to us improving our dog-handling skills and consequently improving both our dogs’ general behaviour in and around the home as well as Boots aggression problems.

Thank you so much once again for all you have
done for us." Richard and Julie.