Jackie and Kevin contacted me about their exciteable young GSD’s problem behaviour.

Jackie in particular felt she could do little with him.
He would become very boisterous in the home and if she tried to intervene, he would mouth her arms quite forcefully which was getting painful.

Nothing she did would stop this and he was also a complete nightmare whenever friends or relatives came to call, constantly jumping up and being a general nuiscance.
When taking him for a walk, he was a dreadful lead-puller and Jackie had no confidence at all that she could hold onto him, even when he was wearing a halti collar.

Just to add a little extra problem, he was quite fearful of trains which was a problem as one of his walks passed quite close to a railway line.
Jackie and Kevin were experienced GSD owners, but had never quite encountered a problem like this one.
Dexter was a substantial male and if this dominance-related behaviour was not to escalate into a serious problem, action had to be taken immediately.
Jackie in particular needed her confidence re-building and her leadership skills enhancing.

A couple of sessions later, Dexter was a completely different dog due in part to my input but just as importantly also Jackie’s commitment and determination. His behaviour inside and outside the home is vastly improved and following some work at the local railway station, he is much calmer in the vicinity of trains.

Dexter even went on a train as part of his rehabilitation.
There is an extra responsibility on owners of the guarding breeds in my opinion and Jackie made the right choice when faced with all these problems, in contacting a professional with experience who could not only tell her how to improve her dogs behaviour, but more importantly show her how to do it.


"We are really pleased and grateful for what you have done with Dexter. The results have been FANTASTIC! Even after the first meeting, I never thought I would be able to walk him on a normal collar and lead again, but did so after your first visit and have regained a lot of the confidence I had lost. As for the mouthing, which was my biggest problem, that has more or less completely stopped and if he gets over-excited, he stops immediately when we tell him to.
Everyone says he is a different dog now and a pleasure to be with and for that, we thank you. I would also say that it is not only Dexter’s behaviour you have vastly improved, but ours as well!! I think both Kevin and I needed as much training as he did. I only wish I had your talent. Thank you so much.” Best regards, Jackie.