Monica contacted me with a slightly different problem to those which I
Ellienormally encounter.

Her problem was that Ellie 2yrs, would commence the most unbelievably loud howling and whining, as soon as it was time to take her out for a walk.

We are not talking about the usual excitement exhibited by most dogs at walk times here.

Monica told me that the noise was so bad that someone in the neighbourhood had threatened to report her to the RSPCA as she assumed that such a racket could only be the result of some sort of cruelty!!!

The cacophony of sound would continue once the lead was on and then for the first few minutes of the walk, as Monica had her daily walk of embarrassment through her village. As if this wasn’t enough, Ellie would also lunge at passing cars and lorries and had experienced a few near misses in the country lanes near their home.

This is a real problem, because as well as posing a danger to traffic should a driver suddenly swerve there is also the very real likelihood that one day Ellie would be struck by a vehicle she was lunging at.

Monica and her husband were experienced GSD owners and had never encountered anything like this and had already consulted three trainers all using a variety of methods, with no improvement at all.

On attending to assess Ellie, I listened with interest to her history and then did some work with her and was not surprised when she did not make a sound when her lead was produced and she was taken out.
NNeither was there any lunging at cars. She was a bit of a lead-puller, which many GSD’s are but there were no other problems at all.

Monica was fairly astounded at this and carried out the same procedure herself, again with no noise or lunging from Ellie. Monica could only comment that Ellie was making her look like a liar as Ellie had completely failed to live down to her expectations!!! This was yet again, another case of a dog needing firm but fair leadership from her owner and several weeks later, there have been no further problems.

"It’s unbelievable really. There has been no noise at all since you left apart from once when we went away for a weekend and left her at home with my mother. She then settled down again immediately and there has been a total change in her behaviour. She still pulls on the lead a bit, but not as bad as before and the lunging at cars has also stopped.

It’s been an amazing change, which has taken four different trainers to sort out.

Thank you very much”. Monica.