A tearful call from Carla and I was off to Weymouth to help her with her 9 year old Lakeland Terrier who was extremely aggressive to other dogs.

GeorgeCarla felt that George was at a crossroads.

She had acquired him from a rescue agency three years before but was just not able to cope with his canine aggression, particularly as he would often re-direct it at her, biting her on the calves numerous times.
This adorable looking dog was a wolf in sheeps clothing and Carla who suffers ill-health problems was struggling to cope.

She knew that if she sent him back to the rescue agency at this age, it would be extremely difficult to rehome him with his behavioural issues.
 A previous behaviourist had not been able to help and Carla was starting to fear the worst.

A session with Robynne and Tara brought rapid easing of his aggression as can be seen in the photograph and we followed this up with a visit to a local country park where Carla was able to utilise her new-found leadership skills to good effect.

Two further sessions in the Devon countryside confirmed this and Carla now has a dog which she can control and socialize with other dogs without World War 3 breaking out. Carla has shown true committment to her dog, driving down to Devon on two occasions for her environmental sessions, when it would have been so easy to have washed her hands of him. She can be proud of her achievements in making her dog a far more sociable animal.


"George is now a different dog to the one you first saw in June. I had feared the worst until I contacted you, but he is miles better now and I enjoy taking him out on his walks without being like a nervous wreck the whole time. I realize that this is just the beginning for him and I now have to be consistent if the improvements are to be maintained. Thank you
so much", Carla.