Melitza contacted me in desperation about the serious aggression problems with her 6 year old Patterdale Terrrier, Gibson.

He was seriously aggressive to dogs of all types and sizes and this had been going on for over three years.
This wasn’t just a verbally abusive dog, he had actually attacked dogs, for instance a Whippet which needed stitches to its wounds.

Melitza had lost all confidence in her dog – a wonderful character in the home but a bit of a monster outside.

A true Jekyll and Hyde! She would do all she could to avoid other dogs and in fact by her own admission wasn’t taking him out nearly as much as she used to.

During initial assessment, Melitza proved how committed she was to sorting out Gibson’s problems. She recounted the details of many other trainers and behaviourists she had consulted with no success. She had even sent Gibson away for a week at Boot Camp which had improved his obedience but made no difference at all to his hatred of other dogs.

During the initial assessment, Gibson showed his true colours with a couple of sly but determined assaults on Robynne my stooge Rottweiler. Needless to say she stood up to this and continued to encourage him to join her in play.

Melitza followed my methods to the letter and on subsequent environmental training sessions in local dog-walking areas, Gibson’s behaviour rapidly improved as did his owner’s confidence. This previously bad-tempered, aggressive dog became much more sociable and the control and leadership demonstrated by Melitza was visibly improving all the time. Gibson spent much of his time during training off-lead and never put a paw out of place. His behaviour was exemplary and his aggression had completely disappeared.

This had been the last throw of the dice for Melitza and Gibson. There is no way she would have ever have parted with him, but a lifetime of limited exercise and no socialization had beckoned until we worked together to deal with his problems. As Melitza said, her chance-sighting of my van in Exeter one day had led to one of the best decisions of her life and a major improvement in her dog. Here is what she had to say about the rehabilitation work we had done together with her dog:

"We love Gibson dearly. He’s got a great personality but I was feeling despondent and resigned to never taking him out for proper walks, as his constant aggression towards other dogs made walks embarrassing and often scary. I had tried a lot of other dog trainers, but nothing had really helped. We thought it was always going to be this way until one day I discovered Peter of Ashclyst K9 Services.

I felt better almost immediately I met Peter, he was so calm. We filled in a behavioural questionnaire about Gibson, (who had actually had so much training from other sources that Peter ran out of space to write!!!) Seeing Peter with Gibson really gave me hope. Gibson didn’t seem nearly so stubborn and difficult. I had always had to use a harness walking him before as he pulled so much on the lead, but after the first session this miraculously changed seemingly without effort and now he walks along nicely on a loose lead.

I take Gibson to the park regularly now and I feel fine about letting him off the lead in open spaces for the first time in years, he so loves it. Watching him run around being a dog, he is such a brilliant dog and it makes me really, really happy. Now when he meets another dog he just sniffs and then follows me as I move away.

The whole training experience with Peter was a pleasure and a calm, fuss-free time. My confidence levels which had reached rock-bottom have soared and I just wish I’d heard about Peter years ago. Seeing Gibson bounding across the park is such a great sight and he is now so much more cheerful on his walks and so am I!!! I would recommend Peter to anyone with dog issues. I trust him completely with my precious dog." Melitza