Margaret rang me for help with her 4-year old pointer Lily who demonstrates nervous aggression around other dogs.

Margaret and her family live in an isolated rural location, so Lily has not had that much socialization in the past and her behaviour really comes to the fore when the family attend equestrian events which are a major part of their social lives.

Lily’s behaviour was quickly turned around following my visit and Margaret now has a dog which is much more confident around other dogs.

"Following your visit we had a fantastic weekend away on a site where there were lots of other dogs.

Using your methods was very straight forward and I couldn’t be happier with her. There has been a total change in her behaviour and she now looks relaxed and at ease when she is out.

She now wants to socialise with other dogs and is totally different to the dog she was before when she would do all she could to avoid other dogs, or lunge at them aggressively if they got too close. Lily is responding well to the training and improving all the time and thanks to your help we feel that we are able to confidently deal with any new situations as they arrive.
Your methods of training for both handler and dog are simple to follow and help to build confidence in a positive way. Lily and I are both less nervous when out and about.

It is also a great reassurance that I am able to contact you
at any time if I have any questions or queries. I would not hesitate to
recommend you and would like to thank you for your help and advice."