Neil and Hannah contacted me about problems they were having with their young Dobermann.

At 15 months, he was probably the largest Dobermann I had ever seen and was completely taking over their home.

He was jumping up and mouthing them at every opportunity and using intimidating behaviour to get his way.

Hannah in particular was starting to become very wary of him as she was bearing the brunt of the worst of his behaviour. This young couple were unable to show any affection to each other in his presence due to his jumping up and mouthing and couldn’t even cuddle up together to watch tv in the evening.

He would also subject Hannah to much jumping up and heavy mouthing whilst she was out walking him too.

They had made an initial enquiry with me some months before but had decided to consult a more local trainer, despite this, Marley’s behaviour became much worse.

The initial assessment revealed a dog who was well on his way to taking over the home and there was much potential for a really serious problem if matters weren’t resolved very quickly. Marley was a very large dog and with maturity would become even more powerful.

The initial assessment, followed by two environmental sessions very quickly had this young dog back on the straight and narrow and the confidence and leadership of his young owners was given a massive boost.

"We made an enquiry with you last year about Marley, but unfortunately went to different trainers near to where we live. There were no improvements in him and in fact he had got much worse until you came.

We never thought we would be able to stop the problems we had with him and were really at our wits end. He was displaying dominance aggression at home and we were running out of ideas. He would mouth both of us quite painfully at times, particularly Hannah and was very boisterous when any visitors came to our house, with non-stop barking and jumping up.

After using other unsuccessful dog trainers, we discovered your website and although we read other peoples success stories, we could hardly believe you could change a dog overnight. How wrong could we be!!!

There WAS an amazing change in him overnight and less than two weeks later, it seems like we now have a completely different dog. He has learned how to control his excitement and respect us both. The heavy mouthing and dominance aggression has now stopped and we can now relax in our home and enjoy each others company without Marley jumping all over us. He is now a lot more calm and content instead of bouncing off the walls and us!! We are now able to enjoy Marley and we can’t thank you enough for all your help – from the first phone call to the last session”. Neil and Hannah.