Off to Chippenham in Wiltshire to visit Sally and her Staffie bitch Meg. Sally had rung me having seen some of the cases on my website in the hope that I could work some magic with this troubled little dog.

MegSally had owned Meg since the age of 5 months having bought her from a breeder in Bristol.

Meg was now 4 years old and hadn’t been out of the house for over a year due to her serious aggression towards other dogs.

She was lovely with people but Sally found taking her out far too stressful and had resorted to just letting her out in the garden.

She was seriously contemplating re-homing her and again I was being asked to succeed where other behaviourists had failed.

Sally’s leadership was in need of a significant boost but first of all I had to show her that Meg could be trusted around other dogs.

This was a major challenge as I found out when I socialized her with Robynne one of my Rottweiler bitches. Meg launched into the most ferocious on-lead assault on Robynne as I walked both dogs in the road outside. Despite her small size it was a major challenge for me to prevent her from making contact with Robynne who was obviously not happy with this unbalanced dog. With persistence, Meg calmed down and Sally and I were then able to walk both dogs together on lead with little further problem.

The next stage involved bringing Robynne and my other bitch Tara into Sally’s back garden and allowing them off-lead with Meg also in the garden on a training line.

This was successful and Meg was becoming much calmer and trusting of these two ‘intruders’ on her territory.

The afternoon session involved taking Meg out to a local dog walking area and coaching Sally in the correct lead handling techniques to give her control over her dog when other dogs approached. This led to Meg becoming more confident in Sally as her pack-leader and numerous other dogs were encountered on lead without any problems whereas before Meg would drag Sally almost off her feet. I then took the decision to allow Meg off lead on a trailing training line to give her some freedom in controlled circumstances with remarkable results for a dog who had not been out in public for so long.

Sally was delighted and the tension had visibly drained out of her and the dog!
Sally has since been taking Meg out in public on her own, with her confidence rebuilt. A very rewarding case where a dog could easily have been re-homed or even worse.

“I have been walking Meg on the lead without any problems at all.
I have
encountered other dogs whilst out on walks and although she has shown
interest in them there has been no aggression and I comfortably dealt with
all situations without any problem.

She is much better on the
lead and much calmer indoors. I am determined to carry on now. Thank you for
re-building my confidence and giving me the motivation to carry on with