Pat and Rob contacted me about their rescue bearded collie cross.

They had recently given her a new home and after settling in well they had become increasingly alarmed at her behaviour.

She had attacked three different dogs over a period of six weeks, she was extremely fearful of strangers either visiting her home or out in public and she would lunge quite violently at passing traffic, which was obviously dangerous for her and her owners and obviously other drivers.

Pat and Rob had come perilously close to returning her to the rescue centre which would have been heart-breaking for them and the dog.

This couple had extensive dog experience, but nothing had prepared them for a dog like Meg!

I attended their home in Crewkerne, Somerset where the initial session dealt with issues within the home, together with practical matters out on their walks.

I was able to show her owners how to stop the lunging at traffic virtually immediately and we made immediate major inroads into her dog aggressions issues. The nervousness around strangers would take longer to deal with and they were given a detailed programme of socialization to help them improve Meg’s behaviour in all respects.

After three environmental sessions which covered all Meg’s issues and of course her owner’s own leadership and handling skills, Meg is now much improved and there is no doubt that she now has a secure home for the rest of her life.

After a couple of months, this is what Rob had to say about Meg’s new found confidence:-

"We were at our wit’s end with Meg until you came to us and gave us the benefit of your dog training skills. She was being aggressive to other dogs, lunging out at traffic which was very dangerous on the busy country road where we live and was so nervous around people.
Peter, she is so much better now and obviously a much happier dog. She is well behaved around other dogs and the lunging at traffic has completely stopped. She is still not 100% confident around strangers but she is so much better than she was.

We take her everywhere with us and we had a lovely holiday with her recently.

At one point we were seriously taking her back because we just couldn’t cope with her, but thanks to you we now know that she will be with us for good and we are thinking of getting another dog in the near future.

Thank you for all your help, we couldn’t have done it without you”. Rob