Andrea contacted me about her 7 year old Collie’s fear aggression to other dogs.

She had owned her since a puppy and it had been apparent from the start that she was very wary or strangers and dogs.

She was aggressive both on and off lead and Andrea had experienced abuse from other dog-walkers on several occasions.

This had been going on for a considerable time and she had consulted at least two other behaviourists with no success.

Andrea had lost all confidence and had taken to walking her dog in an isolated location on the moor near her home, rather than on the beach where all the other dog-owners exercised their friendly dogs.
Unfortunately, other owners of aggressive dogs would also go to the isolated location which would sometimes lead to Nell meeting others with the same problem as she had. Nell was now wearing a muzzle when out and she and Andrea were getting little if any pleasure from their limited walks.

The initial assessment, followed by a couple of environmental training sessions saw a massive change in Nell’s behaviour. She was swiftly transformed from a very unhappy looking, sad and nervous dog to a much more outgoing, happy Collie with a smile on her face. We dispensed with her muzzle from the outset and she was allowed off-lead at a very early stage. Whilst this was a dog who was never going to be the bravest of Collies, her aggressive instincts had been removed very rapidly. She now had that happy face and positive body language which her owner had never seen before outside their home. On one occasion Nell herself was rushed by an aggressive off-lead dog and instead of barking and snarling, simply returned to her owner and me as we moved away from the situation.

All our sessions passed without further incident despite Nell being socialised around lots of dogs. Nell is much happier now and Andrea is now able to exercise her on the local beach near her house, something she hadn’t even tried to do for years.
"Thank you so much Peter for all your help with Nell. After years of hiding away with her, walking her in out of the way places to avoid her displaying dog aggression to other dogs, I am now walking her on Teignmouths busy beach with lots of other dogs.

You told me at the beginning that you would boost my confidence as well as Nell’s and so it has proved. Just as you said I would, I now actively seek other dogs for her to socialise with instead of going out of my way to avoid them.
I can tell by her body language and her relaxed manner that she is a much happier dog and my own confidence in handling her has grown enormously. Family and friends just can’t believe the transformation in our lovely dog. I only wish my vet had come up with your name years ago when I asked his advice on Nell’s problems.

I will certainly recommend you to him most highly, as I am sure he must often be asked about dog behaviour problems.
Once again, thank you so much. You have made a massive difference in our lives and our walks are now a total pleasure". Andrea