Paul,formerly a working gun dog enthusiast contacted me re Polo’s alarming tendency to lunge and snap at young children.

This would occur if they ran near him in an excited manner or if they approached him to give him attention.

Polo is a very cute looking dog who attracts attention from children so this was a very real problem.

Getting back to basics with this 7-year old Westie led to very rapid improvements in his behaviour, as can be seen in the photo above!!!


"I have been amazed at the way you have changed Polo’s behaviour and despite my experience in dogs have realised that I had to change things otherwise Polo could get himself and me into serious trouble.

When you worked him with young children I have to admit my heart was in
my mouth but to see him running around and playing with them was a real
pleasure. I will continue to follow all your advice and am very glad that I
found you on the internet!" Paul.