PRESLEYTracey rang me about Presley’s rapidly escalating aggression problem towards other dogs. Tracey and her husband Tony had taken Presley on from Tony’s son and daughter in law, who could no longer look after him.

Everything had been fine and there had been no problems with him until just under a year ago when Tracey was walking him in the lanes near their home and they were set upon by three Labradors which appeared from nowhere.

Tracey and Presley ended up in a ditch with the Labradors on top of them in a very traumatic incident. There were no serious injuries, but Tracey and Presley were badly shaken.

Just how seriously Presley was shaken up by the incident became apparent on subsequent walks when he would display very fearful, nervous aggression to other dogs and Tracey would not take Presley out unless he was wearing a muzzle.

We attended their home where Robynne and Tara my faithful stooge Rottweilers, played a key-role in helping to start the process of getting Presley to accept other dogs as potential friends rather than potential enemies. Further work was carried out with Tracey and Tony together with Presley in local dog-walking environments to improve their understanding and leadership of their dog, with excellent results and at no time during his rehabilitation was Presley required to wear his muzzle.

Whilst owners often ask ‘Are you sure’, when I propose this – they learn to trust my judgement and their confidence grows immensely when they see their dog quickly start to interact in a positive way with other dogs. Here is what Tracey and Tony had to say about my work with Presley:-

"Even after the first session we noticed a remarkable difference in Presley’s behaviour. Peter’s knowledge and his calm and measured approach gave us the confidence to deal with Presley’s problems right away.

This made us and Presley much more relaxed towards people and more especially other dogs
We have established ourselves as pack-leaders and therefore Presley is more aware of what is expected of him indoors and out and is much happier for it.

The hands-on follow up sessions successfully reinforced what we had learnt in the initial session and we now feel very confident that continuing to use Peter’s methods will result in Presley being the great dog we knew he really was.

Peter has taught us how to “think dog”.
Thank you so much for all your help”. Tracey and Tony