RebusTessa consulted me about Rebus who had a real problem with constant barking in the home. As with most dogs, there is a trigger for this behaviour and in Rebus case it was usually the telephone ringing, or even the microwave pinging when it had completed cooking!

Tessa had come to dread the telephone ringing, as Rebus would start barking his head off and would continue to do so for some considerable time. He would also bark constantly when Tessa let him out in the garden, and mindful of the potential for complaints she was now reluctant to do so. In addition, Rebus was making the life of Tessa’s three-legged cat a complete misery. The cat could not come into the same room as Rebus without a major confrontation.

Rebus would also turn a deaf ear to Tessa when they were out in the local park, particularly if there were other dogs around and his recall could be a major problem. Finally, Rebus was also causing a problem at the stables where Tessa worked, as he would chase young ponies which obviously couldn’t be allowed to continue.

Those of us who own the larger guarding breeds have an additional moral responsibility to exercise good control in my opinion. Many other dog walkers are intimidated by these dogs and have also been influenced by negative press-reporting, so if we as owners demonstrate excellent standards of obedience and control over our dogs, we are all in our own small way helping our own particular breed and its reputation. If I see a Rottweiler or GSD tearing about a park or field, running up to other dog walkers, barking and jumping up with no control from the owner, I feel annoyed and embarrassed, because they should realise the harm they are doing to their breed’s reputation.

Following my visit and some environmental sessions concentrating on improving Tessa’s bond with Rebus and the standard of her control, Rebus is a changed character and I much enjoyed trying to picture him sharing his food-bowl with the cat who was enjoying her new-found freedom to roam around the house.

“I am just writing to thank you so much for the help you have given me and Rebus who always goes home after our sessions exhausted, even though he hasn’t been constantly running with other dogs or chasing a ball, which I mistakenly thought he needed for his well-being. Rebus, who was overexciteable
and bad mannered, now lives in complete harmony with my three legged cat who
was always at a disadvantage.

She can stroll in the garden and
even share his food from his bowl now, whereas before she couldn’t even come
in the kitchen. The barking at the phone etc stopped after your first visit
and is no longer a problem at all.

He doesn’t chase the ponies
at the stables and his obedience levels when out in the park are much
improved. I still have work to do on his excitement levels when my brother
visits and we work on his obedience every day for about 15 minutes. I have
found that he is so much more responsive to me and he is now a pleasure to
Thanks to you for showing me and Rebus how. Thank you” Tessa.