Helen got in touch about Riley, her GSD bitch who she had recently acquired via a rescue agency.

Riley had been found wandering the streets of Dublin in a dishevelled state and had eventually been re-homed to Helen and her partner.

Riley had immediately shown aggression issues to other dogs and had also nipped a St Johns ambulanceman at a recent event which they had attended.

Some rehabilitation work involving my own dogs in the first instance, followed by local sessions to improve Helen’s leadership techniques, brought about massive improvements in Riley’s behaviour and she is now a dog to be proud of as Helen confirms:-

"When we got Riley we weren’t aware that she had issues with other dogs, but it quickly became a problem as we already had two GSD’s who I would have with me when she kicked-off, which would sometimes set them off too.

I tried clicker classes and a local dog class which made her worse!!

Peter and his dogs soon showed her all the fuss was for nothing and she settled down. We have had follow up sessions down the park and the first time Peter told me to just let go of her lead around another dog, my heart was in my mouth, but she was as good as gold. I realise now that I would never have had the confidence to do that without Peter, when it was what she really needed to help her.

I now look forward to taking her down the park and watching her get to interact and play with other dogs and she now comes everywhere we go, including lots of days out to events where she is beautifully behaved. I can’t thank Peter enough for helping Riley to move toward fully becoming the sweetie she really is, reducing the stress she was feeling and restore the total pleasure we have always had in taking our dogs out. Thank you again for all your help with Riley.

It has made a massive difference and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs help. I would now consider getting another problem dog knowing that you can sort things out in the future". Helen


NB – Helen is an extremely caring dog-owner who has put in a massive effort, first of all in rescuing Riley in the first place, then taking the neccessary steps to sort out her problems which had quickly become apparent.

Helen is a busy shift-worker, who not only spends much of her time giving her own dogs a great life, but also gives up some of her valuable free-time in going along to a local rescue kennels to assist in walking some of the GSD’s awaiting a new home.

Well done Helen.