Margaret had acquired Rufus a year ago as an 18month old, from a breeder near her home. Rufus had been part of a home-reared litter and

Rufusfor some reason had not been sold and had remained with the breeder.

He wasn’t socialised much and Margaret felt sorry for him and decided to give him a home.
He fairly quickly started to demonstrate severe aggression both on and off lead and Margaret had taken to exercising him in the large garden of an empty property, rather than risk going out in public with him.
Matters came to a head when Margaret moved to a new area and Rufus managed to push past her, out of the front door one day.

He raced across the road, over a neighbour’s garden hedge and attacked their dog, who was minding his own business in the garden. Rufus pinned the dog to the floor and the other dog suffered significant shock, as did his owners and also Margaret.
Fortunately, there was little damage to the other dog and the neighbours were very understanding about the whole issue. Margaret was very shaken by this incident and knew she had to do something about it quickly, hence my attendance.

It quickly became apparent that Rufus had not had the best of starts to his life and Margaret had done all she could to give him a wonderful home. However, she had not bargained on Rufus becoming a quite dominant dog in her home and slowly but surely he had become the pack leader.

On meeting Robynne my Rottweiler stooge dog, he almost pulled Margaret off her feet, despite her use of a halti collar and subsequently when I set up an off-lead encounter he appeared determined to attack her. Some well-timed positive intervention by me, backed up by positive body language from Robynne, prevented any problems and Margaret was delighted to see that he could be in the same area as another dog, without aggression.
Over the next few weeks, Margaret put my methods into practice and become much more understanding of dog psychology and the way it can lead to aggression. Margaret has not had any further problems since and is now happily walking her dog in public places, on and off lead without any aggression from Rufus.

"The change in Rufus has been remarkable. I am much more confident when I am out with him and that is obviously affecting his behaviour in a positive way. I look forward to our walks now instead of hiding away with him. He is also much calmer at home and is now a completely different dog, thanks to you." MARGARET.