Matt and Marie called me to assist with Tigger’s virtually out of control
Tiggeron-lead aggression to other dogs, together with hyper activity in the home including tail-spinning and jumping up.

Tigger could also be obsessive over sticks, stones and other items and due to his size was becoming very much a handful for both of them. Matt was a fairly big guy, but on witnessing Tigger’s reaction to Robynne, one of my Rottweiler’s I could immediately see why they had called me.

It was all Matt could do to hold on to Tigger who reared up on his hind legs and reacted in an apparently very aggressive manner.
Little wonder that they were finding walking him somewhat embarrassing in their rural village location. They had previously tried to take him to dog obedience classes, but had to give up as in their own words, he was hardly ever calm enough to be allowed in.

Tigger’s initial assessment and a couple of environmental sessions later and we were seeing a much calmer dog, walking in busy dog areas with no adverse reaction. This improved Matt and particularly Marie’s confidence no end and they can now enjoy their dog-walks again.

"Peter, We thought you would like to hear how we are getting on with Tigger. His behaviour continues to be so much improved in all ways and he is so much calmer now when we walk him near or past other dogs. This includes several dogs who have acted aggressively towards him. On the rare occasion when he has started to get a little hyped up, he has done so much less than previously and been easier to calm down. Thank you for your help, hopefully we won’t be needing you again but if we do, we know where you are”.

Matt and Marie"