Melanie and Nick contacted me about the problems they were experiencing with their rescue Collie, Tom.

They live in Wales but of course, distance is no object for me. They had endured the quite common process of numerous different trainers and behaviourist without success, but I felt confident I would be able to help.

The long journey was well worthwhile and Melanie and Nick also joined me in Exeter for two follow up sessions and were delighted with Toms progress. This is what they had to say about the work we did together.

You can read a fuller version of Tom’s story on their website


"Our dog Tom is a really affectionate, sociable dog once he is comfortable with people. He has always been wonderfully behaved in the home and all of our friends and family love him, however….

To put Toms issue in a nutshell, whenever Tom saw another dog, he would
start to bark ferociously, he would lunge towards other dogs teeth bared (although never got close enough to bite), he would pull on the lead, be hugely energised, would not listen to you, had no interest in any kind of treats or food, and in extreme cases he would get so wound up his tongue would go blue.

The only way to stop this was to take him away from the situation.

These issues also extended to strange people, the presence of any stranger whether in the street or a visitor to our home, would send Tom into a similar display with lots of barking.

Tom is a rescue dog and it’s a familiar story, he had a very bad start in life. He was nervous of everything, generally lacked a lot of confidence and it was our job to give him a happy home and the prospect of a better future. We didn’t get off to a very good start. After 11 months of various classes and trainers, plus a cupboard full of harnesses, halti devices, muzzles, leads, collars etc, we were really no further forward. We were getting very despondent and our confidence was very low. We knew we had to try something different.

We spoke to our vet and a variety of people ‘in the know’ but no one could really recommend a local behaviourist to us.

We started to look around on the internet and one site stood out to us. We read the whole site and thought – this is the guy for us! Peter Mounsey of Ashclyst K9 Services, a dog trainer and dog behaviourist based in Exeter, Devon.

The only problem was he was 190 miles away! We rang on the off chance, hoping that he could either help us or would know someone who could. Upon chatting to him, giving him a bit of a rundown of Tom’s problems he said he would be able to travel up to us for a home visit, if we could do two environmental’s in Exeter.

The transformation really did start on our first meeting. Ever since the first session Tom now walks perfectly on the lead. Tom had also for the first time been off the lead with other dogs, Rottweiler’s at that! After two environmental sessions in Exeter (a very long drive from west Wales) we are amazed at the transformation we see in Tom.

We still have a lot of work to do, but we can now walk past other dogs both on and off the lead without any hassle, which was always our number one goal. Tom is also much more confident around strangers, we just need to get him out and about more to experience new things and situations. Thanks to Peter we are now have the confidence to do this.
We would not hesitate to recommend Peter, if you are reading this and you have a problem dog, your dog barks at other dogs, don’t hesitate to ring him today. He will be able to help you. The one regret we have is wasting 11 months of heartache with other trainers whereas if we had found Peter at the start, we could have helped Tom in a shorter space of time, be put on the correct path for Toms recovery and been enjoying him with far less worry, months ago". Melanie and Nick.