Ian and Karen rang me about their rescue Rottweiler, Bob aged 5 years.

They had acquired him approximately 8 weeks before from a local rescue organisation.

All they knew about him was that the previous owners had re-homed him as he was growling and showing possible aggression to their children.
He was showing dominance behaviour to other dogs he met and also towards his new owners, particularly Karen.

His lead work was poor and on occasions he would simply refuse to move if he didnt want to.
This was a particularly rewarding case for me as obviously any Rottweiler coming into rescue is a concern, but also his new owners had taken a chance on a five year old male exhibiting signs of dominance.

In Bob’s case it was simply a matter of identifying what was driving him to behave in this way and then empowering his owners by giving them control over this head strong dog.
In no time at all, Bob was completely transformed and his owners became much more confident in handling him.

His control standards were exceptional and this was a dog who went from virtually no control, to performing 150 metre down stays and recalls in a matter of weeks. He would drop on command at any distance and my pleasure in rehabilitating this problem Rottweiler was mirrored by his new owners pleasure in owning such a great dog.


"We contacted Peter at Ashclyst dog training having got Bob, a Rottweiler from a local rescue centre. We were worried about some of his behaviour and our lack of ability to control him on walks.

We found the sessions with Peter very enjoyable and were very surprised at how quickly ourselves and Bob could learn.
The experience has been very rewarding and we can now walk our dog with confidence as his standard of obedience is now so good.

We would certainly recommend anyone with dog behaviour problems to contact Peter at Ashclyst. They won’t regret it." Ian and Karen Safe.