Dog training in Bristol on this occasion, to deal with Bruno the aggressive Lurcher.
Bruno was a rescue dog, given a loving home by Tamara and her husband but he soon started to cause problems whilst out on his walks.
He would randomly show aggression to certain dogs, pinning them to the floor and Tamara had resorted to muzzling him in public. He also had an alarming habit of running at Tamara at high speed when off-lead and deliberately colliding with her.

With such a large, powerful dog this had much potential for serious injury and needed to be stopped. Bruno also hated being left at home at all and would make a lot of noise should Tamara have to leave him.

This meant that Bruno (and his other companion, Greyhound Emma) went almost everywhere with Tamara, which of course only feeds the separation anxiety issues. After a few short weeks, massive improvements were made in all of Bruno’s problem behaviours and
Tamara had this to say:-

"Peter, I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have Bruno making such progress and so quickly. The separation anxiety issue was completely corrected less than a week after the first session, and the aggression issue was dramatically reduced as well. Within a fortnight, Bruno was controllable off-lead, even around small dogs and I now feel relaxed and confident when walking him and it is also wonderful to be able to leave the house without the dogs! I would never have gotten these results without your help and I am very grateful to you. I am delighted with the results and amazed that the changes occcurred so quickly. What a relief it is to have a dog that is under control. I have even had compliments from other dog walkers about how well my dogs behave. Bruno truly is a different dog. My only regret is that I didnt find your website sooner". Tamara Vigne.

Tamara and her husband came to visit me in Exeter a few weeks after our first meeting when we had a great session down by the river. Bruno was on truly wonderful form and if I hadnt dealt with him myself, I would never have known that he had previously had such a catalogue of problem behaviour.

"I was so pleased that Bruno did so well today in a new environment. I gained so much confidence in him and I am now letting him off-lead on the Downs. I never thought that would be possible, but he was excellent, socialising with many dogs and ignoring the more unstable ones which I told him to leave. He didnt put a foot wrong and I cannot tell you how amazed I am to have such a trustworthy dog, these have been few and far between for me in my dog owning life. We look forward to seeing you in January for our refresher session after the holidays". Tamara

Almost seven months after I last worked with Tamara and Bruno, I was delighted to receive this photo of Bruno happily playing with loads of other canine pals, as he maintains his rehabilitation from his previous dog aggressive state. Tamara is really happy with his continued progress as she says in her email:-

“Hi Peter, As promised, here is a further update on Bruno. What can I say, he’s been wonderful! Blaise Castle (Bristol) has been extremely busy of late, so we have been alternating between going there and walking on the Downs. Bruno has been fantastic in both places. He now just wants to play with other dogs, rather than trying to attack them. He’s been so good that Emma now gets to come off the lead on the Downs as well.

There have been a couple of incidents at Blaise with dogs attempting to bite Bruno, but he just avoided them and carried on up the path; I was very impressed. Both dogs are being very good when left on their own, even when Michael and I go out together…what a bonus! I thought you might like the picture of Bruno with some of his friends. He loves everyone now!!”

Best wishes, Tamara Vigne