Gail, a highly experienced owner of GSD’s and Rottweilers thought she had found her nemesis in Harvey a 2 year old GSD.

She also owned his half brother from the same breeders who was completely different in his behaviour. Literally like chalk and cheese.

Harvey was boorish and dominant towards other dogs, including his half brother and he was becoming more and more possessive over toys etc, leading Gail to fear that sooner or later there would be significant trouble either in her home, or out on walks.

Despite her considerable experience, Gail needed help from someone who not only understood the breed, but also knew how to unlock the positive qualities which he obviously possessed.
Harvey was a model pupil from day one (as was Gail) and he has come on in leaps and bounds. This dog is now performing the same standards of control at distance as Bob the Rottweiler also on this page, and is no longer showing any dominance behaviour towards dogs he meets on his walks, or to his half brother.

A relieved and pleased Gail had this to say:-

“I was shocked and amazed at how quickly Peter achieved such brilliant results with Harvey. Gobsmacked really. He was behaving like a hooligan and then Peter came along and completely changed him.

Now when we are out on walks, his focus is on me all the time and I have never owned a dog who has had such high standards of obedience. I can now get Harvey to drop into a down at any distance and we have been doing long distance recalls and out of sight stays for extended periods and I just cant believe he’s the same dog. I did ask Peter if he had switched him for another dog whilst I wasnt looking! He just doesn’t pester other dogs at all now and is also so much better at home too.

I would never have believed this was possible if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes.” Gail Long