Charlotte contacted me with concerns about the nervous behaviour of her young Collie Mylo.

This was Charlotte’s first dog and she was determined to get things right.

Despite his Collie behavioural problems, Mylo was very trainable by ball-reward methods and this, together with an enhanced socialisation process, was the key to improving his behaviour beyond all recognition as Charlotte herself says:-

"Thank you very much Peter for helping me with Mylo. We had got to a point where we didn’t know how to help him. He was fearful of everyone and everything and it seemed as if there was nothing we could do. After looking for dog trainers and dog behaviourist on the internet,

I came across Peter’s website and it was the best decision I have ever made when I contacted him.
On our first meeting, he carried out an assessment on Mylo and gave me an amazing list of techniques I needed to change not only Mylo’s behaviour but also my own. I saw an immediate change in Mylo from that very first day.

I can’t explain how much of a positive change Peter made, not only in Mylo but also in myself as I had been so nervous to take him out in busy areas because of his fearful behaviour.
Peter showed me that Mylo was in fact capable of doing many things he once feared and he gave me the confidence to understand how to help Mylo, who is now a completely different dog.

Once again, thank you very much Peter." Charlotte Holman & Mylo