Sandra and Paul rang me about some aggression problems they were having with their young PMD Reagan.

He had become very territorial in and around the home where he had already nipped their young daughter and at least one tradesmen who had walked into the room where Reagan was lying.

He had also shown some potential for aggression towards strangers away from the home and was causing major concern to his owners.

So much so, that having booked an initial consultation with me, they rang me the night before to cancel as they had decided to return him to his breeder.

We discussed the matter further on the phone and Paul decided that there was nothing to be lost in my travelling to their home in Bristol to see the dog.

I duly visited them in their home and was able to show them that this young dog could be changed with commitment from both of them and adherence to my leadership techniques.

Pyrenean males do look very gentle and cuddly and of course, many of them are. However, the males in particular can exhibit pronounced guarding traits and can be over protective of their families.

Territorial aggression is not uncommon and these gentle-looking giants need experienced, assertive ownership if problems are to be avoided.

A few weeks later, all thoughts of rehoming Reagan had been banished and they now have a dog who although still requires much work and consistency from his owners, no longer fills them with dread whenever a stranger calls at the house.

"Peter, many thanks for all your help with Reagan. The day before you came
to see us, we had made up our minds to return him to his breeder. We had
booked the transport for him and he was going back the following day.
However, the telephone conversation we had convinced us that we should at
least see what you thought of him before going ahead with a decision which
would have been heart breaking to us all.

Seeing you really did come in the nick of time and we are so glad now that we were able to turn things around with your help. Reagan is a fantastic dog, who we now realise only every wanted to protect us. We are now much more effective leaders of our dog and his behaviour has completely changed in the space of a few weeks.

We love him to bits and we are so glad we met you and you were able to turn things around. We now find it amazing that we ever thought we would have to rehome him and strongly believe that it was fate that we happened to find Ashclyst Dog Training website at just the right time for us and Reagan. Sandra and Paul.