Michelle rang me about her rescue Rottweiler bitch Sadie and her
extreme aggression to other dogs.

She described how Sadie would go into an absolute frenzy each time she saw another dog, leaping up and down and almost pulling Michelle over. She had become almost un-walkable and Michelle had taken to going out very late at night or early in the morning to avoid other dogs.

On visiting them, I was able to establish a strong leadership and control programme which had immediate results and Michelle’s confidence came flooding back.

Sadie’s behaviour was transformed and we have seen no evidence of aggression from her ever since – a remarkable result. Michelle has subsequently been able to take her away on a family camping holiday without any problem at all and also entered her in an exemption dog show where she was on and off-lead in the ring without a hint of a problem.

Check out Michelle’s loose lead work with Sadie and her off-lead stuff too in the presence of another dog alongside her in the ring and as Michelle says, there were loads of other dogs at ringside too.

What an amazing change in this lovely Rottweiler.


"I wanted to say a huge thank you for your help with Sadie. After 18 months of trying various different methods, the improvement in her behaviour towards other dogs, even after the first time of seeing you, has been so noticeable, even my neighbours are remarking on it. I no longer feel I need to hide from other dogs and their owners and it is so nice to be able to walk her without the embarrassment of being pulled from pillar to post by a leaping and growling dog.

I was so proud of her at the show and what made that video clip even better from my point of view is that as well as the other dogs at ringside and in the ring, there was a group of seven collies very close to her, which is where all the barking was coming from! From Sadie’s behaviour and body language, you would never know the other dogs were there, let alone that she had a serious problem not so long ago.

Thank you so much Peter. "