Jeremy and Claire contacted me asking for help with Sidney’s random dog aggression problems, in addition to his terrible lead-pulling problems.

He would react aggressively to different dogs, but more often towards larger, black dogs.

Particularly useful when my stooge dog is a large, predominantly black Rottweiler!

Jeremy and Claire had been allowing Sidney to get away with quite a bit of pushy behaviour in the home and this of course contributed to his behaviour away from the home. Following a couple of practical sessions with me, alongside some changes in the way they did things at home, significant changes were made to Sidney’s behaviour:-

"We just wanted to write a few words of thanks for your help with Sidney’s behavioural problems.

We were unsure what to do to stop his aggression towards random dogs whilst on walks and had tried everything we could think of to stop him pulling on his lead, but to no avail. You very quickly set about corrected what we were doing wrong and politely explained that we were the main problem!!

We were amazed at the almost instantaneous change in Sidney’s behaviour, once we put into place your advice. he looks visibly much more relaxed and happier now he knows his position in our ‘pack’. We are so much more confident in taking him for walks, knowing that we have a strategy in place to manage his behaviour. We are also reassured to know that we can always contact you for advice in the future, should we need it.

Thank you so much!”
Jeremy and Claire Westcott.