An away-day to do some dog training in Bristol, with Barley the naughty Puggle. That’s her above with Jenni and Peter Shilton’s daughter, Kate.

Jenni describes Kate as being ‘responsible for getting us into this mess. Thanks to you for getting us out!’
Barley, a Pug/Beagle ‘designer breed’ had been found by Kate as a puppy, from a reputable breeder. In the end, Kate convinced her parents that she would make the ideal pet for them and the rest is history!

Barley was boisterous and hyperactive, had terrible recall problems and tended to jump up at strangers whilst out on walks and also to chase cyclists. She was also in the habit of terrorising the family’s three-legged cat.

Jenni and Peter were experienced dog people, but felt out of their depth with this cute, but uncontrollable little nuisance. Following my visit to their home in Bristol and some further environmental work in Exeter, she made significant progress as Jenni confirms here:-

"Barley, our Puggle was 18-months old when we first contact Peter of Ashclyst Dog Training Devon. Despite having attended numerous group-training sessions under different trainers, we were struggling to control her boisterous, hyperactive behaviour both in and out of the home.

Her recall was erratic and she had a tendency to jump up at strangers, chase bikes and terrorise our three-legged cat!
We had also sought help from a dog behaviourist in Bristol who felt Barley needed ‘doggie prozac’ before she could even begin to offer us any help. We administered this drug to Barley for three months with no improvement and no further help from the behaviourist.

Shortly after this we met one of Peter’s satisfied dog training clients on the Bristol Downs who recommended him very highly. We made contact with Peter and he visited us at home in Bristol. With his help and patience, we were able to begin the process of turning things around.
The improvement in Barley’s behaviour has been quite dramatic. She now has a reliable recall, has stopped chasing cyclists and peace and order has been restored in our home, much to everyone’s delight, including the cat!

We are so grateful to Peter for helping us and frequently recommend him to the many other dog owners we meet here in Bristol, who are struggling with dog behaviourial
or training problems."
Jenni & Peter Shilton, Bristol.