Linda rang me in desparation about Blue’s aggression towards other dogs. He had become aggressive on his walks and at his agility classes.

On seeing other dogs, he was likely to erupt with explosive aggression, lunging, snarling and much showing of teeth. Linda had managed to stop him actually getting to other dogs, but on the one occasion she had failed he had pinned another dog to the floor, but fortunately was removed before any damage could be caused.

Blue was also nervous of loud noises and some traffic including motorcycles. Linda needed her confidence to be boosted
in handling this lovely but unpredictable dog and after a few sessions with me, here’s what she had to say:-

" Peter I can’t thank you enough for your brilliant work with Blue. The difference in him is quite remarkable. We are now enjoying our walks and Blue now has so much more confidence in himself and me, that walking him is now a real joy. His enthusiasm at being allowed to run around loose off-lead was obviously a pleasure for him and for me to witness and as a partnership we are growing even in everyday life. I am now able to walk him off-lead with my friends and their dogs and he also behaves impeccably when he and I are out alone and we meet other dogs. Thank you so much for all you have done. Your help has been remarkable and invaluable.”

"Linda Baylis