Off to a beautiful coastal location near Falmouth to meet Lina Morris and her problem Weimaraner, Brax a 3-year-old entire male with dog aggression issues amongst others. Lina who is an experienced dog owner, was struggling with this large, powerful dog who had been attacked a number of times on the coastal footpath near their home, which of course had adverse effects on his own behaviour. Lina had lost all her confidence and was certainly not enjoying her walks in one of the most beautiful parts of Cornwall. After some intensive dog training and behavioural modification, both at her home location and here in Exeter, Brax was indeed a different dog, as Lina confirms below:-

"I recently came across Peter’s website not long after we had moved and the transition from an isolated country property in Kent to a busy beach location in Cornwall proved to be a big challenge for our 3 year old Weimaraner, Brax.

After a number of dogfights on our walks I decided I needed help. What immediately appealed to me on the website was the fact that Peter himself owns serious dogs. I rang up and after a chat arranged for him to visit us. Peter brought his lovely Rottweiler Rudi with him, a very handsome and friendly dog of a similar age to Brax. Exactly the kind of dog I would normally make a big effort to avoid on walks. Brax is an obedient dog that would sometimes fight with other males when approached by them and this was our first opportunity to create a controlled situation with another large and obedient dog. Peter was calm and in control which helped me calm down too. The next time we met was in Exeter, again very busy with dog walkers.

I observed Peter handling Brax and realised that my own tension and worry caused a lot of our problem. He taught me how to handle Brax confidently and that confidence transferred to Brax
who was so much more relaxed. Later that day it was wonderful to see how
well he fitted in to a very mixed pack of dogs walked by Peter’s wife. I
learned so much from him and it has transformed our walks at home. With dog
handling there is no bull; either you can do it or you can’t. Peter really
can and also teaches and explains what to do very well."
Lina Morris