Off to Street in Somerset, following a call from Val the owner of a year-old Bichon Frise called Daisy.

Val was having a terrible time with Daisy’s separation anxiety issues and was unable to even go to the bathroom without lots of barking and howling.

Needless to say, Daisy had to accompany Val everywhere when she left the house as well as everywhere in the house.

If Val left her in the kitchen, even for a few minutes, Daisy would usually foul and would then start to eat it. Clearly this was a very distressed puppy, as well as a very stressed owner and my visit brought about immediate changes. Coprophagia is an unpleasant habit which many young dogs exhibit and usually grow out of.

However, Daisy was clearly doing this out of issues related to her separation anxiety and a whole new strategy was employed to break this otherwise lovely young dog’s unpleasant habit as well as dealing with her separation issues.

Val embraced the changes required and when I made my follow up enquiry, had this to say:-


"You are speaking to a very happy woman Peter. I have done everything you recommended and she is now sleeping in the kitchen and is quiet all night until morning. I can now leave her when I go to other parts of the house and also if I want to go out, without all of the barking and whining. She has been clean at night and during the day, so of course isn’t eating her poo as much as she was. Occasionally, if I don’t clear up after her in the garden quickly enough, she will eat it, but on the whole she is so much better. I am very happy with progress so far, still a little way to go with that, but getting there.”