John Ridley rang in desperation about the increasingly aggressive behaviour of his puppy Daisy aged 5months.

They had acquired her at 12 weeks, which is not the best age to get a puppy and very quickly she had started exhibiting aggression towards John and his wife. Things had got so bad that they were feeling intimidated in their own home and both of them had been bitten on at least one occasion. They were seriously considering rehoming her as two previous behaviourists had been unable to help, but when I spoke to John on the phone i was confident that Jayne could help them turn this little monster of a puppy into a lovely family pet and so it has proved:-
" Soon after we brought 12 week old Daisy home to live with us she exhibited what we assumed were aggressive tendencies towards the family and other people, she would chase cars and bicycles, and on a couple of occasions bit us.
We tried working with two trainers, one of whom taught using an “endless supply” of treats; neither trainer worked for Daisy or us. She went on to exhibit increasingly defiant behaviour, and would deliberately wee in the house to seek attention. One night she took over our bed – my wife and I spent a couple of hours trying to regain control, with Daisy threatening us with aggression. We realised that if we could not resolve the issue very quickly, Daisy would have to be re-homed, something neither of us wanted – we now believe her behaviour was nervousness, the result of ill-treatment in the first few weeks of her life.

Finding Jayne Mounsey of Ashclyst Dog Training and Behaviour was the turning point. Jayne deals with puppy training and behavioural issues for Ashclyst and we discussed Daisy at length on the phone before our first session – giving Jayne a clear idea of her issues. Within a minute of entering our house, Jayne had Daisy under control and by the end of the visit she was a transformed dog – obedient, far more confident, and clearly much happier. Four weeks later, by our second session with Jayne, Daisy’s behaviour was unrecognisable. She is obedient, no longer aggressive and she was even letting me lift her in and out of the car, which would have previously been impossible. During our next session with Jayne, Daisy gained the confidence to sit with us in coffee shops, and walk along busy streets without concern; she showed no interest in bicycles or other distractions. Thanks to Jayne, we have a lovely dog, she is a joy to share our lives with, and there’s a strong and growing emotional bond between us. Knowing Daisy will be at ease with the surroundings, we plan to have a couple more sessions with Jayne – and maybe enjoying a coffee together!

Without the excellent support and guidance from Jayne, we would have lost a wonderful pet and friend; we can’t thank her enough."
John and Shane Ridley