Paula rang us about the increasingly delinquent behaviour of her two Labrador male puppies, just under a year old. She had acquired the two siblings at 8 weeks old from their breeder.

Many behaviourists and dog people in general will often say that owning siblings is a total no-no, but It’s not something I generally agree with.

Of course, one has to be aware that it’s going to be much harder than owning just one puppy, but some of the scare-mongering about sibling aggression which one can read on the internet, is often a total over-reaction. Whether they are actual siblings or not, the key is to get control of the two puppies from the outset and do some ‘divide and rule’ work with each of them, so that they cease finding each other as interesting as you. No doubt about it, owning two puppies is much harder work, but as someone who has done it countless times without any problems at all, I know that it needn’t end in tears.

" I rang Ashclyst Dog training & behaviour in absolute desperation about my two Labrador puppies, having received a recommendation about them from a friend of mine. Jayne Mounsey came out to see me to assess the boys and also did some follow-up work which has been a total revelation. Jayne, I would truly like to thank you for believing in my boys and giving me the confidence to carry on living with and loving these naughty little dogs.

Having recently owned two labradors of different ages who both lived to grand old age I did not think that getting two boys of the same age would be so different. As they got larger and more confident I lost my own confidence in my ability to control them and I began to dread walking them. Things came to a head when they dragged me into a busy road after another dog. I believed that I would no longer be able to keep them if i could not control their behaviour, as it was putting them, myself and other people at risk of injury.

After speaking to Jayne and their initial assessment, which was so positive, I began to believe in myself and the boys again. I really did not want to use training methods used by some trainers that were, in my eyes, painful for the dogs as I felt that that would make them unhappy and timid. With Jayne each training session is calm and positive and both Dylan and Murphy respond well. I am amazed at how quickly things changed. I am much happier when out with the boys and this reflects on them so their behaviour is much calmer. In a few short weeks the boys and I are happy and enjoying our time together. Walks out on the moors are full of fun and I can easily control them on the lead now. I get many positive comments from people now about how good they are and each time I smile and think about how it was before.

Thanks to Jayne of Ashclyst Dog Training we are now a happy household enjoying life again."